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Top 10 Mistakes Canadian Accountants make regarding U.S Tax - Filmed in 2016

Individual Course Price: $175.00

Number of PD Hours: 3

Course Code: OL19TOP10

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This course was filmed in 2016

 Making an error in preparing a cross-border U.S. tax return can lead to significant tax costs, including interest and penalties. 

This course is relevant for any practitioner who prepares U.S. tax returns for Canadian companies — or their employees — that are doing business in the United States, individuals with cross-border business activities, or if you have involvement with the preparation of U.S. tax returns.


Topics to be covered include:

  • Residency determination
  • Joint returns with non-US citizens
  •  Proper filing after renunciation/green card relinquishment
  •  Disclosure errors
  •  Foreign Tax Credits
  • Foreign Earned Income Exclusion vs. Foreign Tax Credits
  • US rental income errors
  • Using an LLC as an investment vehicle for a Canadian with US investments
  • Estate freezes
  • State tax issues
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In-Class locations:

Toronto - Temple Sinai. 210 Wilson Ave, North York, ON M5M 3B1

Oakville - Le Dome. 1173 North Service Road East. Oakville, L6H 1A7

Markham - Markham Event Centre. 95 Duffield Drive, Markham, L6G 0A8

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